You’ve got to show an ability to synthesize and integrate the material in other words you can summarize it you can bring it together you can make sense out of it not just pluck isolated bits out but you can bring the whole thing together in a coherent manner you’ve got to be able to produce some kind of argument which is relevant to the particular topic the point of an argument is that what you’re doing is you’re presenting which way particular solution may be the advantages the disadvantages the pros in the cons each argument goes in has a counter-argument why that particular argument is strong and why other particular positions a weak you’ve got to be able to demonstrate some degree of critical evaluation. Find out more about working with your research material at Edusson.

So critical evaluation means that you can break something down into its component parts you can explain why it’s there what it consists of what each part is can sit not only consists of but why it’s relevant an awareness of the application and implication issues so what is the consequences of this what will this the impact of this be in the real world what would be the consequence if you argue a particular case what will the knock-on effect be in the real world we ideally like you to be able to do things which are excellent so some aspects of your work excellent and have you got a comprehensive grasp of the topic and all the related material a comprehensive glass doesn’t mean that you need to have the best grass possible but do you understand everything that we’re talking about we’ve talked about within the course within the material that you’ve been presented not just individual little bits that you’ve been able to pluck out of the thin air now as I said to you essay is probably the most important kind of assignment that you get the reason is is that an essay a certain structure it gives you the ability to be able to argue a case and if you want to you know who you need to apply critical thinking and judgment in cognitive skills.

Then the essay is the best way of being able to do that the structure of the essay is that it consists of an introduction which is 10% of the words a body which is 80% of the words a number of topics which should be consistent and then a conclusion which is 10% so in other words if you have an essay of 2,000 words the introduction would be 200 words the conclusion 200 words and then the body would be 1600 words and if you had four topics then that 1600 words would be made up of four topics or 400 words each now ideally speaking this is a structure that you should stick to within your essay it’s important that your topics blend one into the other in your introduction you introduce what you’re going to talk about what you’re arguing and what the body is going to consist of that is going to allow you to go and prove that particular argument the conclusion is the reverse of the introduction.