Hello, everyone this is a quick refresher on thesis statements which we’ve already covered in class. So this is going to be a quick review of those thesis statements remember that in order to write a paper you have to know what it is you’re writing about and then essentially if you’ll recall the thesis statement is simply the point of your paper so you can’t very well start writing the paper unless you know the point and we looked at how to prepare our thesis statement and I had said that there are three pieces of information that you absolutely have to know in order to write that thesis statement.

And the first was your topic what will your paper be dealing with um now quite often in a lot of college classes professors are going to give you the topic however knowing the topic is not the same as knowing what you are going to be writing about in your paper it is conceivable that you could say I want to write about computers but that is not enough for a thesis statement what you also need to have is your claim what you think about the topic what you have to say about that topic.

So if you said I want to write about computers your teacher is probably going to say okay well what do you have to say about computers so your claim may be computers are destroying America so you have a topic which is computers your claim is computers or destroying America but you can’t leave it there because you’ve got to have some reasons why you believe that computers are destroying America and that is the third piece of information that you need to know are the reasons that backup and support your claim you might have one reason that computers are destroying America because they’re making people lazy um computers are also destroying America maybe because um they are causing children or allowing children to see information that they otherwise should not be seen um there are many many reasons that you may use to back up your claim but you at least need three reasons the book calls them points that persuade your reader to believe what you’ve just claimed about that topic okay so let’s look at an example let’s say for instance that a teacher just assigned a paper and the paper is asking everyone in class to write on shopping at Walmart now not everybody is going to have the exact same claim some people may love Walmart in the class.

Other people may think that like my sister Walmart is the devil and she will not shop there but this particular person is making the claim that everyone should shop at Walmart but the person cannot simply leave it at that this person has got to go on and then explained by the reasons that they list why people should shop at Walmart so this person says walmart has variety um which is true you can go into Walmart and you can buy motor oil underwear and dog food that’s pretty good variety so easily this could be supported she also claims that Walmart has a large inventory and walmart has cheap prices.

Notice that every single one of these reasons is different enough to where one doesn’t overlap the other now once you have that information you’re then ready to turn that into a thesis statement so let’s review what the book had to say about this the book says that we can list our reasons at the end of the thesis statement we can list our reasons at the beginning of the thesis statement or we can have two separate sentences where we list the thesis statement and then we list the reasons in the very next sentence so these are the only three ways that I want you to be constructing thesis statements this semester.

Now let’s look at our Walmart example on the author of this paper has given us three different reasons to go with her claim so let’s see how these can be turned into thesis statements using what the book has told us if we list our reasons at the end of the thesis statement it will sound like this everyone should shop at Walmart because they have variety a large inventory and cheap prices if we list our reasons at the beginning it says the variety the large inventory and cheap prices at Walmart are why everyone should shop there when we have two separate sentences.

It sounds like this everyone should shop at Walmart period they have variety a large inventory and cheap prices keep in mind that not a single one of these is any better than the other ones that are up here they are simply different ways of writing a thesis statement whichever one you like the best is the one that you ought to use in your paper you might use one in one paper and one in another so I hope this helps you out and pay attention to the next video on introductions.