Remember that very often when a policy is put forward there will be explicit objectives which will be listed but sometimes the organization will have implicit objectives as well which no one has written down on paper but everyone perhaps believes and they may be very important when you go on to evaluate the success of that change initiative for example what criteria in any case can be used to evaluate organizational change this is where you can link the question to theory because the criteria you’re going to use to evaluate this change will come from your reading and your notes so what management theories relate to these criteria and does this particular case support or perhaps challenge these theories so we’ve just looked at one example of a particular question and some underlying questions that you can generate these are the questions that can be like seeds to plant in your mind.

So in your reading these seeds may grow some of them will grow others perhaps not but think about the question analyze break it down so that as you go on to your research you’ll be stimulated and that essay will be growing taking shape in your mind right from the very beginning so remember that finally before you leave that question make sure that you find all of the questions embedded within it so that you’ll have more quality ideas more stimulation to go on to the next stage which will be based on research remember that analyzing Solomon is the first step to answering it well so let’s move on to step two which is where you’ll do the research for your essay now there are two kinds of research which you might do for an essay you have the first hand research and secondhand research first and research is when you will conduct interviews surveys and observations and then you write up notes on them yourself secondhand research is where you refer to course materials books journal articles and perhaps Internet sources where someone else has already written out research that they’ve done.

Remember whatever kind of research you’re doing if you want to be a good researcher you’ll need to find evidence evidence in this case may consist of facts appeal to an authority for example an expert or management lexing statistics and data can be very useful to support your argument research findings examples and not forgetting personal experience particularly if you’ve worked in an organization yourself or you’ve confronted a similar problem you’re certain tabs so first term research could be interviews informal surveys or observations if you are going to conduct this it’s important that you prepare yourself ahead of time you take notes during the interview and you have a clear idea of what information you need because it’s actually very easy to generate a lot of data through first-hand research which then is going to take you a long time to an and perhaps use and you may regret that you haven’t actually asked some key questions that turn out to be most relevant for your essay.