The 5 types of essays in this resource:

—- Research-Based Essay
—- Compare / Contrast Essay
—- Problem / Solution Essay
—- Descriptive Essay
—- How-To (Process) Essay

Here’s what you’ll receive:

1. ESSAY TITLE PAGE– These assignment pages includes basic directions and a diagram depicting each essay’s structure.

2. CHOOSING A TOPIC – Students are offered some suggested topics, and an area is provided for students to brainstorm their own meaningful topics as well.

3. PRE-WRITING ORGANIZER – Clear and attractive organizers for students to plan out their essays with key details and examples

4. WRITING AN ATTENTION GRABBER – This page demonstrates 4 types of attention grabbers and provides examples and an area for students to draft their own.

5. DRAFTING THE INTRODUCTION, DRAFTING THE BODY PARAGRAPHS, DRAFING THE CONCLUSION – These essay writers review serve as templates to guide students, sentence by sentence, as they draft each paragraph.

6. USE TRANSITIONS – Students use this categorized list of transitions as a reference when drafting their essays.

7. REVISING AND EDITING CHECKLIST – As students revise, edit, and engage in a peer exchange, they work with this ten-item checklist.

8. ORIGINAL MENTOR TEXT – 5 sample essays demonstrats format, content, and overall writing expectations as models for student writing.

9. WHAT DO YOU NOTICE? PEER DISCUSSION SLIPS – Half-page slips to use as partners or small groups examine the Sample Essay.

10. PEER FEEDBACK – Students exchange their finished essays and respond to another’s writing.


12. NOTES SHEET – A lined handout for note-taking with sourcing information area at the top (to be copied back-to-back)

13. CREATING SUB-TOPICS – A guide (with examples) where students organize their notes to form subtopics for their 3 body paragraphs

14. WRITING THE WORKS CITED – This attractive reference shows students the most current formats for citing their sources, with sample entries provided.

If you’re looking for a practical, how you can score very good marks in descriptive essay writing time-saving resource that is standards-aligned and will motivate your students, here it is! The essay assignments can also be used over and over! Use for pre-assessment early in the year and then again with different topics later in the year.


1. Scripted Lessons
2. Materials to put together a research folder for each student
3. Over 20 Anchor Charts
4. Writing Graphic Organizers
5. Conferencing Tips for when you meet with students one-on-one to discuss their writing
6. Teacher Writing Examples and a full essay for you to use during the modeling portion of each lesson. There are examples to use throughout the entire unit from brainstorming to publishing.
7. A Tracking Sheet to record student progress