March 2006


Update July 21, 2006: The blankets have sold out!

Bandelier commissioned a 250 limited edition of 90th Anniversary Commemorative Blanket from Pendleton Mills. The blankets are in stock now - 60 by 84 inches, with white and black petroglyph design and border of green, blue, and red. Cost is $250 plus $18 shipping and handling.


For the first time in many years, the Board of Trustees is delighted to fully fund Bandelier's requests for grants this year, primarily because Bandelier did not request much money last year. The rangers needed time to plan exhibits for the remodeled visitor center. Here are our grants for 2006.

Conservation of five Pablita Velarde Paintings: $10,000.

Bandelier has the largest collection of Velarde works anywhere. Pablita was a young artist in the late 1930s employed at Bandelier under the Works Progress Administration that tried to support artists and writers during the Great Depression. She painted works for the 1930s Visitor Center exhibits. Pablita went on to become one of New Mexico's foremost artists and an international figure. She died in January 2006. Now the rangers want to display her original paintings in their planned removed exhibit area. Her 1930s works selected for conservation or restoration include:

Four drum-makers, framed cardboard, paper conservation assessment;

Dress styles; framed masonite w/text, peeling paint;

Men’s activities. water damage;

Women’s activities, water damage;

The Governor Greets the Tourists, mat & frame

New Acquisitions for the Bandelier Collection: $10,000.

The myth persists that the prehistoric people of Bandelier somehow just disappeared. This, of course, is nonsense; they moved off the plateau when conditions became too harsh to survive. The central theme of the planned new exhibits is to show the relationships between prehistoric and modern Pueblo people. During planning for the new exhibits, it became painfully obvious that Bandelier's collection is woefully deficient in work by modern artists from affiliated Pueblos. Chief of Interpretation Lynne Dominy feels the following modern works will augment the collection.

Replica atlatl with 1 long arrow & 6 shafts w/archaic tips & leather pouch $500

San Ildefonso: white embroidered manta ($1500), hand-print designs ($80 ea.) modern art piece, basket, women’s white moccasins ($225) w/beaded moccasin donation.

Cochiti: commission Bandelier dance painting, storyteller doll, modern art piece.

Santa Clara: modern art piece

Zuni: large olla with deer w/heart-line, Jewelry/ bead work, drum, commission repainting of Zuni migration mural,

Santo Domingo/San Felipe: heishi necklace

Unfortunately, because of massive government debt, the National Park Service is reexamining its commitments, including funding for Bandelier's remodel. The current exhibit is some 30 years old and desperately needs updating. Darlene and Lynne are investigating other sources.


The rangers developed a lengthy list of events for the 90th anniversary year and found many partner sponsors. She asked the Friends to sponsor some remainders, as follows.

Funding for the 90th Anniversary: approximately $5,000

Invitation/notecard printing, $300
Banners, $500
Music on the Mesa, $500
Green Chili Band for Earth Day in Los Alamos, $500
Live animal demonstrations (2), $200
Bread baking demonstrations (12), $900
Historical Society lectures at Fuller Lodge, $70
February anniversary cake, $68.98
Parade items, $300
Open House events (2)-August, November), $600
Fall Fiesta, $1000.

Los Alamos National Bank sponsored a newspaper insert listing activities for the celebration. Send us a request by e-mail for a copy.