April 2005 Newsletter



Posted 4/19/2005


The book, "The Peopling of Bandelier", is available at local bookstores and on line at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It is a handsome book, very readable...the definitive book on prehistoric life at Bandelier.

Since our inception in 1987, Bandelier has always given the Friends of Bandelier a list of specific items to fund in the form of one-year grants. This year, Superintendent Darlene Koontz asked us to modify our modus operandi. The Park Service is increasingly being asked to do more with less and the time is approaching when she can't pile more duties on staff. Therefore, to better focus their resources, Bandelier recently completed a five-year Strategic Plan. Now Darlene asks the Friends to align our support with their plan. This involves thinking more long term about the projects we fund. Here are Bandelier's five-year goals:

Goal #1. Reducing soil erosion and promoting vegetative conditions that create a natural fire regime and protect resource integrity within the landscape.
Goal #2. From 2005 through 2009, Bandelier National Monument will be creating a Bandelier experience inside and outside the park that facilitates a personal connection to the meanings of the place and inspires people to support, appreciate, and integrate park values into their lives.
Goal #3. Maintaining prehistoric and historic resources in current or better condition to preserve cultural integrity and information potential.
Goal #4. Having a healthy and productive work environment and workforce - through mutual trust, fulfillment from meaningful work, informed decision making processes, open communications, manageable workloads, and sound leadership.
Goal #5. Strengthen and create strategic partnerships to accomplish park goals.

Bandelier plans to renovate the Visitor Center (Goal #2). They expect to start construction in the autumn of 2006; the Visitor Center will be closed for about a year. The upgrade will include completely new exhibits, with many items from Bandelier's permanent collection. Chief of Interpretation Lynne Dominy and Archivist Gary Roybal recently completed an inventory of the collection. They found about 30 items that need conservation or restoration work and asked the Friends to help fund restoration of items to be used in the new exhibits. These haven't been chosen yet; NPS exhibit specialists should have the designs finished within the next few months. Lynne is confident that some of Pablita Velarde's paintings of Pueblo life and Helmuth Naumer's pastel views of local pueblos will be chosen. Bandelier website, www.nps.gov/band shows some items from the collection.

Bandelier National Monument was established February 11, 1916. The rangers are planning a 90th Anniversary year of commemoration in 2006; Lynne is laying out a theme for each month. Darlene is asking our help for some preliminary expenses and for additional funding during 2006 celebration. In addition, Pendleton Mills has a special program for national parks wherein they will create a limited edition blanket. Darlene asked if the Friends could help make a 90th Anniversary Bandelier Blanket possible. Up-front costs are considerable for us, but proceeds would accrue to the Friends to be cycled back to Bandelier. Board members felt it was a really nice idea. Lynne and a board committee will meet with Pendleton and also draft a marketing plan. Lynne commented that the Grand Canyon blanket sold out quickly and has already become a collector's item.

Since 1995, Bandelier has been planning erosion control measures in its pinyon-juniper woodland. The board was appalled to learn that $900,000 targeted for the work has been withdrawn. The restoration can be phased, and they will try to find other money, but it is still a blow.


1. $11,000 for conservation, restoration, and display in the renovated visitor center of art work and artifacts from Bandelier's permanent collection. (Goal #3)
2. $3,000 for expenses associated with the 90th Anniversary commemoration in 2006. (Goal #2)
3. $14,500 from the Major Purchase Fund for up-front costs for production of limited edition, 90th anniversary commemorative Pendleton blankets. (Goal #2)

Conservation work is expensive, and it is unrealistic to think that the Friends of Bandelier can finance all that is needed. Board member Brian Scott developed a list of foundations and corporations that specialize in cultural and anthropological grants. He and Lynne are drafting letters of inquiry to see if any will award conservation/restoration grants to us (Goal #3). Brian said he would also search for foundations that fund ecological work in hopes that we can help the pinyon-juniper restoration (Goals #1&3).


I'm sorry to announce that our secretary, Paul Smith, has resigned from the Board. Paul recently retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory and is excited about new directions in his life. He has always been active in the community and is finding many worthwhile projects. Paul joined the board in 1990. I'll really miss him. He always kept a practical and sensible eye on our granting decisions and provided excellent minutes. We wish him every satisfaction in his new endeavors.

Dorothy Hoard, President, Board of Trustees.